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Paulo Coelho- Success

  Just read this beautiful post on my friend Paulo Coelho’s blog. In this day and age of many peoples lives being controlled by Social Media and causing an epidemic of comparisons to others around us. Just taking a step back and soaking in and reflecting on this wisdom is truly wonderful. Wishing all a … Continue reading

Tony Robbins – Change your life

Today I came across another excellent Tony Robbins video. Almost every word Tony said here (1.5hrs) is a gem but below I’ve listed 10 of the points that resonated with me the most. Please watch the full video to see what you can take from it to improve your life! My favourite points Real success … Continue reading

Break the Glass by @paulocoelho

Today as so often happens to me a thought arose and I felt the need to share this excerpt. I’m not going to summarise or comment on what I’m sharing, but I do know that those who need this message will understand it’s significance. Excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s book – ‘By The River Piedra I … Continue reading

Be true to yourself…

  Have you heard these words a million times and still been confused about how you know what your true self is? You wouldn’t be the only one who is and the simple reason for this is that we are all clouded by distraction. In this world full of distractions how and when do we … Continue reading

Feng Shui tips for National Spring Cleaning Week

Spring is the perfect time to clear and balance our homes. When our homes are balanced we invite more positivity into our lives. Feng Shui is about maximising our potential through enhancing our space. It’s about guiding, balancing and optimising the energy within a space to achieve the greatest benefit for the occupants. Homes are … Continue reading

New Year, New You – @tonyrobbins

Tony Robbins New Year, New You   This is an absolutely fantastic video by Tony Robbins to get you started this new year. The video is not new but the content is timeless! Below are a few of the key points that I picked up: Progress equals Happiness. Change is automatic but progress is not. … Continue reading

Dialogues with the Master – Organizing the quest – (via @paulocoelho )

Firstly, wishing everyone a happy new year! 365 days, 365 opportunities! Remember don’t count your days, but make your days count! Cliche? I know, but it’s so true! Only you have the power to make your 2018 fabulous 💫 Today, I was just visiting my friend Paulo Coelho’s blog and I came across this amazing … Continue reading

How Social Media is changing the Face of businesses

  As most of you know I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for almost two decades now 💫 Since the rise of social media I’ve seen one very  successful Feng Shui principal in use, “where attention goes energy flows”. To break it down very simply, the facing and front door of a business relates to wealth. Therefore, … Continue reading

‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.

‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.’ Today I was just flicking through my books and came across these words which I’ve read a million times before, but today something told me to write something with them in mind. These powerful words were written by Tennyson in the … Continue reading

‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone’

Often we are so quick to judge others when we ourselves are not so perfect. It’s so easy to forget that we all sin differently and that we can not sit and condemn others just because their sin is different from ours. I read this article on Alain de Botton’s blog I’ve read his books … Continue reading