Harmonize your Home & Heal your Life

‘When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation, when there is order in the nation there is peace in the world.’ Anon

Homes are a reflection of their occupants. If any part is missing, neglected or has negative energy then this is reflected in the life of its occupant.

Feng shui has the power to change the way a property feels.

The ‘art of placement’ is a very important aspect of feng shui. How a property sits in its environment is crucial. A building should have high ground behind it to hold the energy, stop strong winds and support us, a clear view in front to give us an open and bright future, and balanced support on its left and right side to offer its occupants a balance of yin and yang energy resulting in stability.

As well as studying the inside of a property, a practitioner has to pay attention to the outside, observing the:

  • Shape of the land
  • Shape of the property
  • Slope of the road
  • Form of surrounding buildings
  • Location of large trees
  • Electricity & telegraph poles, mobile phone masts
  • Location of power stations, police stations, churches, cemeteries & train stations
  • Locations of rivers & canals etc.

To see if they are impacting on your property and which family member they will be affecting in particular.

The external and internal form of your property can have a huge affect on you and your family’s life, for instance:

  • If your wealth area is located in your toilet, your finances may go down the drain.
  • If your relationship area is missing or imbalanced you may struggle to find a partner, or find it difficult to sustain a relationship.
  • If you have clashing energy in the home it may cause friction in your relationships with your partner or children.
  • If you have clutter or negative energy in your career area then you may struggle with your job and not get promoted.
  • If you have a large tree in a particular direction and location it may reinforce problems with fertility.
  • If you have a phone mast in a particular direction it may cause major problems with the health of one of your family members in particular, depending on its direction.
  • If the cooker and sink are placed incorrectly in your kitchen it may add to conflict in a relationship.
  • If the direction that represents you or any family member is neglected or missing it may be reflected in their life.
  • If your bedroom is wrongly located or decorated your health and in particular you sleep may suffer.
  • If an overpowering building or sharp corner is hitting your property it may cause serious health problems for the occupants.

Having a feng shui consultation optimizes the energy & layout of your property so that the property supports you instead of hindering you.  Thus maximizing your  earth luck to it’s full potential.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

Copyright © 2010 Priya Sher

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