How a business can benefit from Feng Shui

Successful businesses understand that by implementing Feng Shui may give them the competitive edge.

Every employer wants to be proactive and maximize staff potential. This can be achieved by providing a healthy and positive working environment.

Employing a wealth of completely authentic tools with tried and tested techniques; a feng shui consultation with Priya offers realistic, effective and sensible assistance for a range of modern day situations.

Businesses may benefit from:

• Increased sales revenue

• Improved employee relationships

• Reduced staff absenteeism

• Reduced staff disputes

• Improved staff motivation

• Improved staff performance

• Attracting the desired clientele

‘We invited Priya to feng shui both our offices and are very happy with the service she has provided. We would be happy to recommend her services.’
Christine Hewson – I.T. Skillfinder- London

“Priya Sher has provided invaluable assistance in our redevelopment and new build projects, ensuring that Feng Shui needs are properly considered at the design stage. Her approach is entirely collaborative and pragmatic and her delivery reliable and professional. We continue to consult with her on our ongoing project work.” David Davis – Director of Commercial Operations Genting Casinos

“Priya was creative, flexible & fitted in nicely with our team of designers for the Macquarie Bank project in the Moorhouse building, designed by Foster & Partners.” Pringle Brandon (architects & workplace consultants)

Commercial feng shui clients in London and abroad include: Investment banks, law firms, accountancies, casino’s, IT firms, recruitment consultancies, property agencies, car rental firms, tour operators, art galleries, beauty spas, care homes, health clinics, wine & champagne bars, bistros, coffee shops and restaurants.

Be business savvy and include a feng shui audit of your business, since there are so many benefits for you, your staff and your business in implementing feng shui principles within your working environment.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

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