Feng Shui tips for working from home

As more and more of us start working from home, it is necessary that we carefully organize our working and living space within the home.  I have put together some general feng shui tips for arranging the layout of your office within your home. However, when I do a feng shui consultation I tailor it to the clients astrology and to the orientation and form of the property, so it has very marked results for the clients success.

However, these tips will also assist in improving the energy of your space.

  • Ideally, select a room for your home office in the East or Southeast.
  • Position your desk diagonally opposite the room door – this is the power position (ensure you do not place a dustbin in this position).
  • When sitting at the desk your back should be against a solid wall and you should have a good view of the full room.
  • Avoid sitting with your back to the window or open shelves. (Open shelves act as arrows in your back).
  • Place a vision board in front of you with all your goals and aspirations.
  • Place a water feature in the southeast or east corner of the room to activate finances.
  • Place a live round leaved plant in the corner diagonally opposite your office room door. (This will increase finances).
  • Place 3 live green bamboo sticks in a vase with water on your desk. These will soak in the electromagnetic stress from computer equipment etc.
  • Ensure no files etc are on the floor since this represents deterioration in business.
  • Place photocopiers and printers away from your desk.
  • Ensure there is no clutter in the office and throw or archive all old files.

Finally, keep your ‘work’ within your ‘home office’ and avoid bringing it to your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Organize your day so that you allow yourself sufficient breaks as you would when you are working from your external office. When you finish for the day, shut the door of your office and avoid working after your office hours, as this time is for you to relax with your family and friends.

My full article is in the ‘Essex Enquirer ‘ please see my website for a link.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

Copyright © 2014 Priya Sher

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