Auspicious Date Selection

Success often comes down to being in the right place at the right time. There is no doubt that some days are better than others, that some days seem more supportive, ‘luckier’.

We all combine in our unique way to the cosmic energy of certain days.  Some of the world’s most successful athletes, businessmen and corporations have employed date selection to offer them that extra advantage.


Making use of the science and art of date selection can provide the additional dynamism and supporting energy that makes the difference between recognition and mediocrity, success and failure, a good day and a bad day.

Auspicious dates are selected using a combination of your date of birth, the Chinese ‘1000 year calendar’ & Tung Sing (farmers almanac), to find the most supportive date for you.

If you want to apply for a new job, negotiate a business deal or start renovations having an auspicious date selected for you may help in  maximizing the chances of achieving your targets.

Please see website for further details.

Copyright © 2010 Priya Sher

One Response to “Auspicious Date Selection”
  1. sellhere says:

    I like bussines.China is the real power in economy

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