Bitesize Feng Shui Basics 1

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Bitesize Feng Shui Basics 1

My aim in this ‘bitesize basics’ is to give you a very quick & easy understanding of how a property may affect the occupants.

Every section of a property represents a different family member (occupant), a different part of the body and an aspect of a person’s life.  Thus, if any part of the property is missing, cluttered or has negative energy it will have a corresponding effect.  So for example, if you lived very close to a power station and it was in the south it could affect the middle daughter and cause problems with her eyes and head also causing anger issues.  Or if the northwest of your house was missing it would have an affect on the father, he may spend a lot of time away from the house or he may have got unwell since moving into the house etc.

Below is a list of triagram’s highlighting what section of the property they reflect:

Name/Triagram = Kin/Qian

Directions: Northwest (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Father, Male leader

Body part = Head

Associations = Power, leadership, mentors

Name/Triagram = Kwan/Kun

Directions = Southwest (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Mother, female leader

Body part = stomach

Associations = Devotion, relationships

Name/Triagram = Dzan/Chen

Direction = East (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Eldest Son

Body part = Legs & feet

Associations = Growth, movement, family relationships

Name/Triagram = Soen/Xun

Direction = Southeast (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Eldest daughter

Body part = Waist & hips

Associations = Communication, wealth, prosperity

Name/Triagram = Kam/Kan

Directions = North (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Middle son,

Body part = Ears, sexual organs

Associations = Darkness, danger, career

Name/Triagrams = Lei/Li

Directions = South (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Middle daughter

Body part = Eyes

Associations = Brightness, wisdom, fame

Name/Triagrams = Gan/Ken

Directions = Northeast (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Youngest son

Body part = Hands, arms

Associations = Inner wisdom, education

Name/Triagrams = Doey/Tui

Directions = West (late heaven sequence)

Family member = Youngest daughter

Body part = Mouth

Associations = Joy, passion, children

Of course a professional feng shui practitioner observes much more than this when making an assessment of the property and occupants.  To keep it simple I have only listed the late heaven sequence of triagrams and not the early heaven sequence.  With the early heaven sequence of trigrams the family members are rearranged to alternate directions.  Thus when conducting a professional consultation both sequences have to be assessed.  Following this many other calculations have to be considered, including the yen hom, sam hap, sang set, ba chop as well as the personal bazi/astrology of the occupants, before a full assessment is made.  Therefore, for example, even though from a general point of view there may be wealth energy in the southeast for everyone, but for each property according to the calculations the wealth energy may be hidden elsewhere and then according to the clients personal bazi/astrology you will find another area in the home from where you can activate the wealth energy etc.

Bitesize Glossary:

Triagram – a set of 3 lines yin/broken or yang/solid. There are 8 ways you can combine them and these 8 alternate combinations make the 8 triagrams which sit in the 8 directions cardinal and sub-cardinal.  Each triagram represents a family member male or female dependent on the arrangement of the lines.

Early heaven sequence – primarily used to assess the external environment.

Late heaven sequence – primarily used to assess the internal environment.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

Copyright © 2010 Priya Sher

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