‘O Aleph’/The Aleph – The Announcement & Latest News



Update 17th September 2011

UK release – despite miscommunication between Harpers UK & the UK bookstores Aleph still managed to reach #1 on the iBooks chart – Congratulations Paulo!


Update 4th August 2011 – The following is taken from Paulo Coelho’s blog:

“On the very first day it was published in Croatia, ALEPH went directly to #1 (see here), repeating the same feat as in Brasil, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey

Next week the book will be published in South America ( 12 countries), Central America ( 7 countries) and Mexico. Then, in 2 weeks time, in Holland and Slovakia.
Therefore, it will be impossible to continue to update you on the performance of the book.
But I would like to thank my readers for their strong support. And I would like to add that the book is having this outstanding performance without me giving interviews. The only promotion so far is that of word-of-mouth, the best any author can have.”

Update 15th June 2011 – Aleph is released in Serbia and goes straight to no1 – Congratulations again Paulo!

Update – 16th May 2011 Aleph is released in Bulgaria and goes straight to no 1 – Congratulations again Paulo!

The following extract has been taken from Paulo Coelho’s blog:

ALEPH has been published in 5 countries so far.
And it made # 1 in all of them: Brasil, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary ( CHECK ALL THE LISTS HERE)
and now…Bulgaria! (list below)

Why do I rejoice, if I don’t need to prove anything to anybody, anymore?
a] because I keep my childish soul
b] because I am enthusiastic about my work
c] because when you are happy you make happy everybody around you
Thank you Bulgaria!

ALEPH updated publication dates > CLICK HERE
ALEPH video contest > >CLICK HERE

11th April 2011 – Aleph released in Hungary & jumped straight in at no 1 position in bestsellers lists- congratulations Paulo Coelho!

Dates for publication in other languages:

Update – 11th March 2011 –  TURKEY RELEASE – ‘The Aleph’ released in Turkey – Like Brasil & Portugal it is at No. 1 – Congratulations Paulo

Istanbul bookshop Elif/Aleph is no1 Bestseller

Update March 2011 – PORTUGAL RELEASE – Portugal is the 2nd Country The Aleph has been released in, since the date of its release on 11th February 2011 it has remained at the number 1 spot – Congratulations Paulo !

News on O Aleph – 1st November 2010 O Aleph remained in the top 10 bestseller list all over Brasil.  It will be released worldwide in 2011

9th August 2010 – O Aleph is number 1 bestseller all over Brasil, reader lists include the Brazilian President Lula Da Silva.

On 5th August 2010 Paulo Coelho made an announcement on Twitter that ‘O Aleph’ is now number 1 bestseller in Brasil – Congratulations!

On 24th July 2010 Paulo Coelho’s new book ‘O Aleph’ released in Brasil.

Earlier this month (July 2010) Mexican singer Anahi an avid reader of Paulo Coelho’s released a beautiful song inspired by his new book ‘O Aleph’.

‘Waiting for my new book “O Aleph” to hit the bookstores on Saturday, I can assure you: pregnancy is not confined to women.’ Paulo Coelho (on Twitter)

As readers we are all eagerly awaiting the release of his new book – every single book of Paulo’s contains messages that open peoples mind, improves their thinking and thus ultimately their quality of life.

I can understand the pressure on Paulo Coelho who has had bestseller after bestseller, but am confident as a reader that ‘O Aleph’ will continue in the tradition of his previous books, both entertaining and enriching.

The following extract has been written by Paulo Coelho announcing his new book ‘O Aleph’ and has been taken from his blog.

This is the first time I wrote a book in public (I mean, I wrote it in private, but it was like many eyes were on me, because I was doing daily updates on Twitter about my emotional state while writing). I finished it this Thursday, 11 March, at 2:00 AM.

In 2006 I was called to my 3rd sacred pilgrimage.

The first one, the Road to Santiago (1986) takes place in space, meaning that you have to cover a physical distance between two points. In my case, I walked from the border of France to O Cebreiro (Galicia), close to 600 kms. I wrote a book about it, “The pilgrimage”.

The second was in 1989, called Road to Rome, takes place in time. It is not a journey to Rome, but I needed to choose a place (in this case, the French Pyrenees) to stay for 70 days. I had to dream and follow the dream the next day, regardless how absurd it was (I remember dreaming of bus stations, and I spent 3 hrs the next day in a bus station). It deals with the Feminine Energy, and I wrote “Brida” and “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept” while seeing my feminine side manifesting itself.

The 3rd sacred road is called Road to Jerusalem. Again, you don’t need to go to Jerusalem, but you have to travel in space and time. The only task I was given was: stay away from home for the next 4 months. I went to several countries, but the epiphany happened while crossing Asia in the Transiberian train (15 days, 7 different time zones, 9.2528 kms from Moscow to Vladivostok). I was traveling with a Turkish girl, Hilal (not her real name), for reasons that you are going to discover in the book. This point where time and space converge is called “The Aleph”(J.L.Borges has a wonderful short story about this point). Therefore, this is the title of my new book: “The Aleph”.

Why did I take so long to write about this pilgrimage? Because it took me three full years to understand it. It is not a travel guide. Of course I describe what it means to have such a long trip in a train, but the main goal is the long trip to my soul, past, present and future.

My friends on Facebook and Twitter are the first to know, besides a note today in Radar (Veja magazine). The book will be released in Brasil very soon, and in the rest of the world in 2011. I wish it could be this year (a writer wants to see his/her soul unveiled the next day), but the publishing houses have a different schedule.

Information taken from Paulo Coelho’s blog and his twitter updates

Priya Sher  –  (Feng Shui Consultant London)

4 Responses to “‘O Aleph’/The Aleph – The Announcement & Latest News”
  1. Marit says:

    Thank you dear Priya for capturing these important moments in the new life of O Aleph. Perhaps this novel will help us all to find our lost kingdoms, and finally put us in touch with the inner chamber of the castle and the King Himself. ‘Soon and very soon we are going to see the King’.

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