Face Reading the face of Michael Jackson

Face Reading – The Face of Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson passed away on 25th June 2009 it was a shock to many.  Millions mourned him worldwide and memorials were held in many different countries.

Since I started studying face reading, Michael’s face has fascinated me.  His face had changed so dramatically, with the many plastic surgeries and skin conditions he had had over the years.  From black to white, in both features and colour.  His looks changed from simple to strange; his reputation from brilliant to bizarre.

Whilst studying face reading many ask the question; ‘if I change my features with plastic surgery, will it change my life?’  The answer is ‘yes’.  It can change your life for better or worse. In Michael’s case it was for worse.

In this article I am going to talk about Michael from the age of 35 to 50. The period when his career and life went into decline and how that can be seen on his face.

In face reading every year of our life is represented on specific positions on our face.  The ages of 35-40 are reflected in our eyes, 41 to 50 on and around the nose.

For Michael the age of 35 was the start of the decline of his career and health. The first sexual abuse allegations against him were made at this age.  This accusation destroyed him emotionally. Following it he became reclusive and depressed.   Similar allegations were bought against him in the years to follow.

Michael had earth empty eyes; these are eyes in which the iris floats above and you can see the white underneath.

People with these eyes have to be especially cautious during these particular years. These are the eyes that Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Indira Gandhi, Elvis Presley and many other famous people had, all of whom died suddenly.

During his 40’s rumours surfaced about his financial problems and weak health.  The nose represents health and wealth, it should have body, be meaty and a good colour. However, his nose had become thin, fragile and discoloured, as a result of the many plastic surgeries performed. Therefore, this was reflected in both his finances and health.  In his 40’s he lost a large part of his estate and finances and his health continued to weaken.

The age of 50, which was the age his life tragically ended, was reflected in his right nostril. You can see, that both his nostrils had severely deteriorated after his countless operations.

It is not for me, or anyone to predict the demise of someone, but by looking at Michael Jackson’s face, one can deduce with the knowledge of face reading, that the ages of 35 to 50 would have been particularly difficult for him.

(This is an extreme case and it is not my aim to frighten people into not having plastic surgery, botox, fillers etc as in some cases the results can have a positive impact, but it depends on how it is being changed, the skill of the surgeon and on the new form and shape of the face.)

Copyright © 2012 Priya Sher

4 Responses to “Face Reading the face of Michael Jackson”
  1. Marit says:

    How very interesting dear Priya. All his plastic facial surgeries were so tragic I could cry for him. I want to remember him by his own natural face. Good luck with your face readings!

  2. F4UZ!4 says:

    Dear Priya,

    This face reading is fascinating. I wish there was someone in NL who did that. I would love to have someone read my face.

    It’s very sad reading your face reading about MJ. I grew up with him and was a real fan in my teen years. Always had a soft spot for him as I grew older. The world has lost a great artist and a gentle soul with his passing.

    Best regards,

  3. haneesha says:

    Really well written….wish someone could read my face also. Thanks for the information. Really appreciate it. Good Luck to u…

    Warm Regards
    Haneesha Puri

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