Designing the perfect bedroom for a female to attract Love

Basic Feng Shui tips – Designing the perfect Bedroom for a female to attract love

These are basic feng shui tips on how to design your bedroom if you are a female wanting to attract love.

However, when I perform a feng shui consultation I have to take into account many more factors, such as the clients date of birth, the orientation and form of the house to see if it is supporting male/female energy, the orientation of the bedroom and bed to see if it is on hexagrams that support relationships.  I may have to angle the bedroom door and bed to attract a relationship  and so much more.

Nevertheless, the listed tips will activate relationship energy as well as encouraging a restful sleep.

  • Keep wall colours light and neutral (no bold or busy patterned wallpaper) – light pink is a good colour for a lady wanting to attract a relationship.
  • Ensure you have a double bed with two pillows – to invite partner energy.
  • The bed must have a solid wooden or fabric headboard – to provide support.
  • Place satin duvet covers and throws on bed in pastel shades.
  • Place 2 bedside tables either side of the bed (avoid round bedside tables) – to encourage a stable relationship. (Keep tables clear of any clutter)
  • Place rose quarts crystals and a candle on both bedside tables to activate love chi.
  • Position the bed so that its head is against the wall & it is not in direct line with the door or under a window– to offer protection and support.
  • Ensure the bed is not under any over-hanging cupboards, sloping ceiling or beams – these may cause stress, headaches and disturbed sleep.
  • Do not place heavy artwork above the head of your bed – this will cause disturbed sleep and can even be a safety hazard.
  • Ensure that you have space to walk on both sides of the bed.
  • Avoid any electrical appliances in the bedroom – to reduce electromagnetic pollution.
  • The door to the bedroom should be hung to face the wall to restrict view of the bed.
  • Place a pink orchid plant in the corner diagonally opposite the bedroom door.
  • On your left wall place a painting/artwork of a romantic couple or two flowers.
  • Ensure there are no mirrors reflecting you while you sleep – to avoid a disturbance in sleep.
  • Ensure there is no clutter here – so the energy can circulate.
  • Do not place photos of previous lovers, parents, children & religious figures etc in the bedroom.
  • Ensure you open the window regularly to allow the energy to renew and refresh.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

Copyright © 2010 Priya Sher

13 Responses to “Designing the perfect bedroom for a female to attract Love”
  1. Anamaria says:

    Excellent article, love it! I’ll try to do your tips!

  2. Natalie says:

    I am curious, why the no round tables in the bedroom? Most feng shui say not to use sharp corners – would love to know! thanks, N

  3. elbie says:

    i have 2 walls in my bedroom that are eggplant. am i giving bad vibes to my relationship???? i really want to HELP it not harm it.

  4. MJ says:

    This is the only place I can put the head of the bed. Is there anything I can do to help or improve this?

  5. Lucy says:

    I have two questions: first, what do you do if you do not have any choice and you bed is in direct line with the door, how you fix this problem? And second where you place your altar (Buddhist) if you can have religious figures in the bedroom? I would appreciate you answer. Thank you.

    • Priya Sher says:

      Dear Lucy,

      There is no universal remedy for this as it would depend on the orientation and form of the bedroom. However, ensure firstly that the bed has solid support, so a solid headboard and also position the head of the bed against a solid wall. Ideally, place 2 bedside tables either side of the bed for support also. Therefore, do as much of the recommendations above as possible.

      The altar can be placed in the northwest sector of the sitting room at a distance from electrical appliances.

      • Lucy says:

        Dear Priya,

        Do you mean the living room; but there is not privacy. Can I place my altar in the closet (I have walking closet). Please help me. Thank you.

  6. Priya Sher says:

    Hi Lucy,

    As I am unaware of your situation eg do you share a flat, live with family, size of your property, orientation, form, etc it is not easy to advise, but:

    If it is not convenient to place the Buddha in the northwest of the sitting room ( should be on a shelf that is above the height of your head away from the Hifi or TV. )

    The closet – I am not sure are you using this for clothes and shoes as well – if so then it would not be appropriate to place the Buddha there – if you are keeping it solely as an alter (not keeping clothes & shoes there) then it is okay.

  7. Raja says:

    Dear Priya,

    Indeed very good article, will follow your advise to decorate my bedroom.

    I have a question, what is the size of ideal bedroom as per your quidance for the comman man. I like to build a add bedroom in my existing house in home town.

    Best Regards


    • Priya Sher says:

      Dear Raja,

      The bedroom should be in proportion to the house – the bedroom should not be too large or too small as it has to recharge your energy at night – so just as a approximation it should be smaller than your sitting room and bigger than your bathroom. Since you are a man I would recommend my other article

      Wishing you all the best


  8. Ruheen says:

    Dear Priya,

    I love all the tips you give,am now following you on twitter.
    I have photo frames of my family members(parenst/sister/niece/nephew/grandparenst) in my bedroom on a side cabinet. why is the bedroom not a good place for them?Where should they be kept if not in the bedroom ?

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