Simple Space Clearing

Simple Space Clearing

I often perform space clearing for clients to renew the energy of their property. Most commonly when they have moved into a new home to remove predecessor chi, or when there has been an illness or major conflict in the family, or when a client is starting a new business, to ensure the business is given a clear fresh start.

However, the techniques I have listed below are simple but effective and can be performed by anyone to freshen and uplift the level of energy in their space.  Ideally, it should be done every few months so that the energy doesn’t stagnate. (Have a shower before you start and a shower after you finish the space clearing to ensure your body energy is also clear.)

  • Light 3 incense sticks, start at your front door and go into each room especially the corners of each room.  Eventually return to the front door once every room has been cleansed by the incense smoke.
  • Play your music or use bells to raise the level and quality of energy in the space.
  • Sprinkle some salt in the corners, leave for a day and then vacuum the next day.
  • Mist the full property with some water; it helps to reduce levels of electro-magnetic fields.
  • Open all the windows and doors, allow the property to breath and fill with fresh energy.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

6 Responses to “Simple Space Clearing”
  1. Ashwini says:

    Hey Priya,

    I am from bangalore, India.
    Trust me,reading your articles gives me such positive energy.Kudos to you and your hardwork for having learnt feng shui (I know it would have required immense patience).
    Please do write more.And could you please tell me what colors should one wear to bring in goodluck?
    Am not sure if this is a part of feng shui,but I feel you will surely have an answer.
    PS:When I was reading paulo coehlo’s witch of portobello,I imgained u (I donno y).

    Cheers and thanks,

    • Priya Sher says:

      Dear Ashwini,

      Thank you for your comment. Lucky colors are really selected according to your astrology. However, generally, red & gold are seen as auspicious.



  2. Simi M says:

    Hi Priya,

    Thanks so much for lovely articles, I have really found good tips for a healthy home from these.

    I was wondering if you could give some Feng Shui tips to sell the house quickly.

    Please help.


    • Priya Sher says:

      Dear Simi,

      Thank you for your comment. I will be posting an article with tips on selling homes. Please check in the next few days.



      • Simi says:

        Dear Priya,

        Thanks so much for posting the article. I really found it very much helping. I am going to follow all these tips.

        Can’t thank you enough for this. God bless.

        Kind regards,

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