My Feng Shui Journey

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Many people have asked me what attracted me to feng shui.  Well this is my feng shui journey.

Some years ago my family and I, that is my parents and three sisters had moved into a temporary house for 1 year while our permanent home was being renovated.  My eldest sister and I were already at university, my youngest sister was in her last year at school and my third sister was to begin her 1st year to study law.

As soon as we moved into this house my third sister fell very sick.  We were all very concerned and took her to several doctors, who unfortunately couldn’t really make a diagnosis.  Finally, after several months we were given a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome – this is a condition when the whole body aches, you feel completely drained of any energy and your mood is always low.  The longer we stayed in this house the worse her condition became, to the extent that she would hardly move out of her room.

Eventually, the year was over and we moved into our house that had just been renovated.  Miraculously her health recovered 100% – she re-started her degree and it seemed as if nothing had ever happened to her.  My family and I were completely baffled at how she had recovered so beautifully.  One of my mum’s closest friends started talking to my mum about feng shui and whether we had consulted a feng shui consultant regarding our previous home, since it was very evident that the energy of the home didn’t suit her.  My mum said that we had never even thought that the energy of the environment could have such a huge influence on one’s health.

This was the beginning of my interest in the subject.  However, I was still at university and life led me to many places before I actually started studying the subject.

Some years later my interest in feng shui re-emerged.  My situation was different now. I was working in Management Consulting at KPMG in London – We had moved into an area, which looked beautiful and peaceful with lovely green trees and pretty houses. However, every night we would witness police cars driving to our road due to domestic arguments in our neighbours houses.  Almost all the neighbours had issues, some with their partners, others with their children.

I knew that this certainly could not be a coincidence.  How was it possible that all my neighbours were having problems? It was surely to do with the energy of the environment.  I then left my Management Consulting job and started my study of feng shui.  I started with a 2 year diploma and I was completely blown away with the information I found, everything made sense and things fell into place.

The house that we had lived in when my sister had got sick had so many issues from a feng shui perspective.  Firstly, opposite the house was another house that was built at an angle, therefore, the big sharp angle was pointing at our house and directly at my sisters bedroom.  Sharp angles send poison arrows to what is in front of them, this can affect health and other aspects of your life, depending on where the angle is pointing. Additionally, her bedroom was on top of the garage, which was full of clutter, which we were deciding on partially throwing and giving to charity.  When your bedroom is above empty space then the earth chi is unable to support you.  Also if the area that represents you has clutter then your life is in a mess. Also, once the calculations were done I found that her bedroom and the garage both had sick/negative energy.  The energy of a space changes in different time periods, therefore, an area in a certain fate period hosts auspicious stars and in another fate period may hold unlucky stars.  Unlucky stars can develop into sick/negative energy. Finally, the family member her bedroom area and the garage represented was also the third daughter.  Therefore, the earth energy was all against her, thus, resulting in her terrible condition in this house.

Next I analysed some of the houses on my street. Again what I found completely amazed me, all these houses had argument stars in the centre/tai-chi and externally all the hexagrams were also clashing, alas causing the terrible argument energy.

After seeing this I knew that I wanted to continue studying this subject and help as many people as possible through it.

Grand Master Chan (photo courtesy Master Pamela Forsyth)

I first met Grand Master Chan Kun Wah at a dinner in my 2nd year of studying feng shui.  He came and sat next to me and told me so much information about me. I was completely mesmerized thinking how could anyone know so much about me and thinking in my head, I would love to be able to do that.  He had been reading my face, and he told me on this first meeting that he would like to teach this subject to me.  After meeting him I have never stopped studying this fascinating subject.  I continued my studies in both feng shui and face reading with him.

As a person my Master is so kind, generous, intelligent, wise and humble.  However, as a teacher he can be harsh, because the information he is teaching is so powerful.  He will test you randomly, so unless you are confident in your skill, you can never relax.  He will test you even just walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and you have to make sure that you are always ready to answer his questions correctly.

The study of feng shui is intensive there is seldom a day off from it.  I have been studying this subject for over 10 years and I have to study it everyday, ensuring I know everything inside out.

However, I am so happy that my passion is my profession and I can help so many people through it.  I feel so fortunate that I met my Master – a meeting that changed the course of my life.

4 Responses to “My Feng Shui Journey”
  1. Lainee says:

    Wonderful, Priya. What a great way to realize your dream of healing mankind.. 😀

  2. Amany Zayed says:

    As alway magnificent & inspirational … thank U so much Priya …keep it up .. all the best 🙂

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