Design your Kitchen using Feng Shui

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Design your Kitchen using Feng Shui principles

When the feng shui of your kitchen is balanced the whole family benefits.  It represents the heart of the home, pumping nourishment to all the occupants.  Nourishment in turn represents both health and wealth for the family.

Location & Direction of Kitchen – Of course we do not always have control over where the kitchen is located in our home.  However, in the northern hemisphere the east and southeast are good locations to have your kitchen.  The kitchen is best positioned towards the back of the home so that it is protected and it should not be immediately visible from the front door.

Décor – The kitchen represents the element fire, the colours for which are red, orange and purple.  Thus, when decorating, ensure that the pre-dominant colours of choice are not blue or black, which are from the opposing element of water.  Also avoid fire colours, as they will make the fire energy excessive, which could lead to the occupants becoming very short-tempered.

Important Considerations – The most important feature in the kitchen is the cooker and it should be positioned so that it is protected.  It should not be positioned too close to the door, be under a window or next to or opposite the sink.  The sink represents the element water and therefore is in direct conflict with the element fire.  When we have such a configuration it may cause problems in relationships.  Mirrors also represent the element water and should be avoided in the kitchen.

Cleanliness & Ventilation – Preparation surfaces should be kept clean and clear of clutter.  The kitchen should be kept well ventilated so that odours are expelled and fresh energy is able to enter and circulate.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

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4 Responses to “Design your Kitchen using Feng Shui”
  1. Eréndira says:

    Your tips are excellent! Only, that sometimes we can’t change many things in our places, what could be an esential good must to do? Thank’s.

  2. Nicole says:

    What if your stove is directly behind sink, what can you do? Love your site!

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