My Inspiration, my Friend Paulo

My Inspiration, my Friend Paulo

‘Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.’

Many people on ‘Twitter’ have asked me why I quote and ‘retweet’ Paulo Coelho so much, as admittedly he is an inspiring man but there are so many other great people to quote also.  Depending on the exact question from the sender my reply usually is, ‘He has changed countless lives and I want to pass his messages on to as many people as I can.’ Or ‘Please feel free to ‘unfollow’ me if this is an issue for you, as I am not going to change what my heart wants me to write or ‘retweet’.’

Of course the above is the truth, he has improved many lives, encouraged many to realize their dreams, promoted positive thinking etc. But my reason for quoting him goes deeper than this.

I first met Paulo last year.  When I met him I had read just a few of his books, ‘The Alchemist’, ’11 Minutes’ &  ‘The Witch of Portobello’.  I enjoyed his books and found them inspiring, uplifting and entertaining.   However, I had not realized at this time how big a personality he really was and of course meeting him you would never believe it, since he is so humble.

The more I got to know Paulo the more I liked and respected him.  He is generous with both his money and time, donating to countless causes, such as his foundation for children and the elderly. He is kind and humble, always glad to meet readers and happy to sign their books.  He is a great friend who is always supportive, regardless of the length of the friendship. And he is passionate; he will fight to the end for what he believes in.

In addition to all of this he has a great sense of humour, so witty, wise and intelligent, combined with the humility and patience to sit and listen to you for ages, regardless of who your are and where you are from.  I remember him having a lengthy conversation with a taxi driver, asking his opinion on certain current news events.  The driver was so shocked when he realized that he had been having this conversation with one of the most famous authors in the world!  He fumbled in his taxi looking for a paper for an autograph and of course as always Paulo was happy to oblige.

Having so many great qualities and being in a position where you have the power to positively influence people is a beautiful gift.

I believe that certain people in this world are messengers from God and are able to change the frequency of people’s minds – they have the power to balance and unite humanity and I believe that Paulo is one such person.

If any of you reading this have had the pleasure of meeting him, you will undoubtedly know what I am talking about. If you haven’t met him yet, then I would say, make it one of your goals to at some point in your life, to get to meet this incredible man.

On 24th August 2010 it is Paulo Coelho’s 63rd birthday – I would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday – I pray that he has continued good health, love, joy and success and that he continues to inspire us everyday through his words. Amen.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

2 Responses to “My Inspiration, my Friend Paulo”
  1. Dear Priya,

    I happen to see you through your blog today and am really happy to read your posts. More than your well respected Feng Shui skills what touched me more was your humane heart with a beautiful intention to reach out to people around the world through your blog. When you say you are quoting or retweet Paulo Coelho to reach out to pass on the message it should remind us how important it is to reconnect with lives and to spread the love and happiness around us! Well, I believe the beauty of life is in sharing our thoughts and rejoicing the delicious experience of it. Paulo Coelho has positively reaffirmed this attitude in me and many others around the world and it is truly rejoicing to be able to interact and derive the pleasure of spreading love.

    Paulo Coelho is a person whose work speaks for him and it is his work which is doing the wonders for himself as well as his readers. So I respect his work beyond himself!

    Pleasure meeting you Priya and as always Paulo Coelho through your blog 🙂

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