Children’s Bedrooms – Encouraging a restful sleep

Children’s Bedrooms – Encouraging a restful sleep

When I am invited to do a consultation for a family I take much care in balancing the energy of their child’s/children’s bedroom.  When children suffer from a restless sleep, the whole family is affected, especially the parents.

I align the bed to the child’s date of birth and ensure that the colours in the bedroom are also supportive for the child.  I have to check to see that there is no invisible or visible negative energy in the room that would affect the child.  The invisible negative energy is determined with the calculations taken with the lo pan.  The visible negative energy is observed with the shapes and forms in the room.

However, I understand that for everyone it is not always possible to have a professional feng shui consultation, so below I have made a quick checklist for you to do yourself when you are thinking of designing your child’s bedroom.

Ensure the colours in the bedroom are light and neutral.

Ensure there are no threatening figures on the walls.

Ideally position the bed diagonally opposite the door.

Do not position the bed directly in front of the door.

The bed can have one side against a wall and a bedside table on the other side.

Do not position the head of the bed with a window behind it.

Place a solid headboard behind the bed.

Do not place any shelves above or behind the bed.

Do not place any heavy artwork behind the bed.

Avoid bunk-beds.

Remove or cover any mirrors at night.

At night ensure all toys are packed neatly into a toy box or toy bag.

Keep electrical items to a minimum to reduce electromagnetic stress.

Place black-out blinds on windows to ensure no light enters to disturb sleep.

Choose natural materials as far as possible for bed linen and curtains etc.

Ensure there are no sharp edges that could hurt the child.

Depending on the child’s age place an ABC chart, number chart or times-table chart on the east or north-east wall.

Burn some natural lavender oil or light a lavender incense stick one hour before the child bedtime.

Priya Sher – Feng Shui Consultant London based travels internationally

Copyright © 2014 Priya Sher

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