Feng Shui Tips for Selling Homes

Feng Shui Tips for Selling Homes

I have performed many feng shui consultations for clients who have had their homes stuck on the market for a lengthy period or for clients that have found a great new home so need to sell their current home quickly.  I conduct a feng shui survey for their property and analyze the energy to see what could be impeding the sale.  There are many reasons why a property can be stuck, sometimes to do with orientation and energy and at other times general upkeep.

Often a sale is made difficult when there is negative energy in a certain area, which cannot be seen, but is most definitely felt by all coming to view the property.  Sometimes it is to with the colours in the property that are unbalancing the energy of the space and thus causing viewers to feel uncomfortable.

Once I have identified the issue and given recommendations to correct it, I select an auspicious date for the client to re-advertise the property on the market.  Auspicious date selection is a very powerful and accurate tool used in assisting to sell properties that are stuck.  Each property has it’s own hexagrams and kwas and each individual has their own hexagram and kwa.  These need to be combined and a date that would suit both has to be selected.

I have selected 28 tips below that I give to clients to assist them in selling their property quicker:

Ensure your front and back garden looks beautiful and inviting – plant some flowers to make it look attractive.

Ensure your front door is in excellent condition and opens smoothly.

Ensure there is no chipping paint, woodwork or damp in the house.

Place two luscious healthy green plants either side of your front door to make it look inviting.

Ensure your front door is not a gawdy colour.

Ensure your door number is in good condition and clearly visible.

Place two lights either side of your front door and keep these on in the evening.

Clean your house thoroughly so that it is sparkling clean.

Keep wall colours neutral and light.

De-clutter your house – if you are intending to move out get rid of clutter even before you put it on the market so that your intention and energy is activated.

Place fresh cut flowers in the hall and light a fragranced candle with a gentle smell one hour before any viewings.

Do not place any mirrors directly opposite any doors or beds.

Keep the hall free of any clutter and store shoes in a closed cupboard.

Ensure all rooms have a purpose, eg ensure the dining room has a dining table and is not used as a second sitting room.

Reduce the amount of personal photographs in the home – potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home so don’t want to be distracted with your family photos in every room.

Ensure no furniture blocks any doors.

Ensure the sitting room looks comfortable and clean.  Keep colours neutral but place interesting and beautiful cushions to add a little colour.

Place a live healthy plant in the diagonal corner to the sitting room door to activate your sale.

Ensure the furniture in every room is in proportion to the room.

Keep kitchen surfaces very clean and clear and light a lightly fragranced candle in here.

Ensure knives are kept in a closed cupboard.

Place a beautiful bowl of fruit in the kitchen.

Place a few fresh green herbs in the kitchen.

Fix any dripping taps and leaks and replace any fused light-bulbs.

Ensure all bedrooms have beds with nice bedding and space to move around.  Keep all surfaces as clear as possible in bedrooms.

Keep your bathroom very clean.  Keep the toilet seat down and place all personal items in a cupboard so surfaces are all clear.

Place new fluffy bath and hand towels in the bathroom.  Also light a lightly fragranced candle in here.

Make sure the house is well lit.

2 Responses to “Feng Shui Tips for Selling Homes”
  1. marie-christine says:

    thanks for the tips priya, I do most of what you said, I will add to it. I believe in feng shui – we have so much to learn from each culture.-
    with love

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