Activating a Career – a consultation

Recently, I was invited to do a consultation for a couple in Belgravia London. If you don’t know London very well, this is a very affluent area where many millionaires live.  I had known of her husband and knew that he had a very successful career. So I was surprised when I received a call from her and her main concern was her finances.

The client informed me on the telephone that they had been renting this property for the last year and since they had moved into this apartment she had lost her job and their financial situation was deteriorating.  Even though the rent and costs of the apartment were paid in full by her husbands company they were still finding it difficult to live their lifestyle as they had done previously, now that they were without a second income.

When I arrived at the flat, within about 10 minutes I had determined the main reasons for their problem.  The apartment was very spacious with 3 deluxe bedrooms but that resulted in two of the rooms being used as junk rooms. Thus, the southwest room and the southeast room were both being used as storage rooms.  They were full from top to bottom with boxes and railings with coats and shoes etc.

The southwest represents the female and the southeast represents money. Additionally, when I did further calculations into the astrology of the lady, I found that her career area was also located in the toilet of the apartment. Therefore, it was simple to see why she had been affected.

I gave a few very simple recommendations to the lady.  Firstly, to clear out both the junk rooms and give them a purpose.  The couple liked to meditate but had been doing this in the sitting room which was very spacious but full of electrical equipment, so not very conducive to meditating.  So I designed her southwest room as a meditation room for both of them.  I also asked her to clear out the southeast room and make that into a home office, since she had been using half her bedroom as her home office.  I asked her to place a beautiful desktop waterfeature in the appropriate location in the room that supported her and wealth energy and asked her to start it on an auspicious date and time.  I also asked her to make some changes to the bathroom that represented the area for her career.

Well the reason I am telling you all this is that today I got an email from this client and she was very happy to tell me that her life has improved so much since she made the changes and she had several interviews and has now accepted a senior job in a bank yesterday.

This is the power of feng shui!

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