10 Reasons Why Women Love Paulo Coelho

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10 Reasons why women Love Paulo Coelho

Recently Paulo Coelho has been adding lists on his blog about ‘why women love men’ and ‘why men love women’. This inspired me to write my own list of why I believe women love Paulo Coelho – I know there are many others, so please feel free to add your own reasons on why you love him in the comments:

1 He understands women very well.

2 He has written both inspiring and romantic books allowing us to feel and understand his soul.

3 He makes us believe we can achieve anything we want and that ‘happily ever afters’ are possible!

4 He is very witty, funny & charming.

5 He is very intelligent & also sensitive.

6 He respects and loves his wife.

7 He knows how to treat a woman well and with respect.

8 He is very down to earth despite being so famous and rich.

9 He is very generous with his time & money devoting hours on the internet to connect with readers & donating generously to his foundation for children & the elderly.

10 He has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

(Face Reading – Paulo Coelho has ‘bazi’ shaped eyebrows – these eyebrows are very fortunate for men, as women find men with these eyebrows very attractive – they are the same shape of eyebrows that Brad Pitt has – so here we have it!)

41 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Women Love Paulo Coelho”
  1. Annie says:

    Adding to the above:
    11. There is in his eyes and his voice the fire of enthusiasm, passion for life, that when you see him or hear him, it makes you fall in love with life because there are people like him that make your life an adventure..
    12. He is not afraid to show his feelings or to feel ‘naked’ with his books, he is true (and free ;o) )
    12a.He intrigues your imagination, he is the river that flows and flows and takes you on different places every time
    14. He is an endless inspiration making you also confront the uneasy things/situations , becoming better and better
    15. He makes you feel you are not alone and he makes you dream
    16. He taught me that following my dream is the only thing that purifies me and illuminates my life, like a lamp enlightening the dark crevaces of my soul, where i used to hide

    Love and Gratitude

  2. Nikki says:

    I agree Paulo Coelho does encompass all the qualities women look for in a man. Thank you Priya for so articulately reminding us that not only is he a great author but a great man too. Also what a fascinating face reading observation about the eyebrows and so completely true!

  3. Lainee says:

    17. Women love Paulo because we can recognize that he is Goddess/God’s messenger, and the synchronicity that we all experience when we are truly “in the moment,” as Paulo has taught us, is proof.

  4. Rodica says:

    Really enjoyed this article, a very interesting observation about face reading……

    18. just like to add one more point; He’s always young at heart.

  5. Aamarah says:

    Dear Priya, really enjoy your blog. I am very interested in your face reading analysis. It would be great to read a full analysis on Paulo Coelho’s face! I agree with all the above points and think he is a very fortunate man.

  6. 1 He is Great Writer
    2 He is Funny
    3 He is Sincere
    4 He is Direct
    5 He is a good friend
    6 He is a source of inspiration
    7 He is a dreamer
    8 He is a men full of faith
    9 He is generous with many children in Brazil
    10 He is a great in love husband

  7. ONE MORE:

  8. Liina_sv says:

    I do not know why women love Paulo, but I think I have a few ideas why people might love him. There are many things that Paulos life, personality and work has taught himself, and also people around him, wether close or far, all over the world. This knowledge and ways have helped many who see this being something to learn from:

    He believes, knows, lives and teaches, that:
    *we all can do whatever we set our heart on, even if the outcome is not 100% we hoped for, or the journey is different, he knows that’s how it was meant – to live through all what’s come to us or passed us by.
    *we need to transform, to learn, to keep living, to keep dreaming
    *have an open heart and mind
    *do things our way, even if it may not be what other people would choose, or even if our way is condemned, we must be true to our heart.
    *even as hard life may be – never give up
    *nothing is impossible, unless we make it so ourselves
    *there are miracles
    *there’s togetherness on another level and “coincidences” unexplained which show us the way of the heart
    *there is a right moment for everything, and the moment will come at the right time
    *the boldness to be (and being) different from the mass, to trust yourself and also others on such level than it shows that the only thing in this world most precious is love, and nothing else. From love all good things come. And such words like negative and positive, good and bad, have no importance looking from the lookingglass of love.
    *that being what other people call crazy can be the most normal way of being
    *just being, enjoying every day
    *being free of judgement
    *showing that we have the power to change the world and infect others around us with the love (for life)
    *even the smallest matters and movements can move mountains
    *small matters of the day have huge importance
    *every thought and action or plan we choose can determine the outcome and the success of it – if it’s made by staying true to oneself, and made by love, it can do no wrong
    *not stomping on others is not the same thing as staying true to oneself
    *everything teaches something, even if we “lose a battle” or get hurt by something/someone
    *love will conquer all in the end
    *personally, Paulo was one of the reasons I am not living in a bubble and am not so depressed anymore, and can find joy every day, in simple things in life, and are guided by love in my actions and thoughts.

    Thank You again, Paulo, for helping and changing the daily ways and lives of so many people. Your life is a seed of love. Thank you for St. Joseph for saving your life so that so many others would be saved aswell.

    Love you all, dear WOLs!
    Another day has come, taking a new season with it.
    I am going to enjoy this autumn with you, wherever you may be.

  9. He changed my perspectives with his books and magnetic personality. He’s a BRAVE, a leader. He encourages people not to be afraid of their dreams and treats everyone equally. Only generous hearts can do such things to others.

    Love the reasons why you love him, dear Priya! Thank you very much for the invitation to join you 😉

    Love you, WOLs! ❤

    Have a splendid day!

  10. Paulo Coelho says:

    Priya, you make me blush…

  11. Paulo:

    -He is a good man
    -He is honest
    -He is always able to help people to fulfill his dreams
    -He is a wise in life
    -He is my example of how life should be live!
    -He has been my teacher by his books
    -He is a good friend
    -I love his smile!
    -He is a good lider
    -He is a live example of that dreams can be gotten!

  12. Johanna Coronado says:

    n. He writes in a way women can feel stories in their skin, and because all of us like to cry with great love stories, he make us cry and feel incredible emotions 😀

  13. Archana says:

    Totally agree to all that you have said! It’s so sweet to see Paulo’s reply 🙂

    When I started reading his books,I was in the not-so-high or good position in my life. I had lost my job, and there were many uncertainities around. His books gave me hope and support. I was able to connect with him instantly.No doubt, his writings have changed my outlook towards life.

    Love you Paulo!

    Love you priya, for another excellent post:)

  14. Dances With Crayons says:

    ❤ How beautiful dear Prya, thankyou sweetheart!!
    Looking at all of the comments, so very much Love.

    At one time, my heart was so broken that I believed in nothing. That led me to believe in something. Eventually, I found The Alchemist in an airport bookshop. The book jumped into my heart; melted to fill in the cracks, became encouragement and inspiration. (my dream since childhood was to go to Africa and within 18 months of reading the story, was there!)

    Through loving Paulo and my dream to thank him, I met YOU, and some of the others here! Feeling the magic and the blessing of how love grows.

    I love Paulo too. I celebrate that he was born every day. That he followed his personal legend. And now, I love Paulo For every reason under the sun.

    Thankyou again,
    Love Love Love, a gazillion hugs,
    Jane xo

    • Priya Sher says:

      I love you too dear Jane xx

      • Dances With Crayons says:

        Dearest Prya,
        I read a poem years ago that touched my heart. The poem is about expressing our love to those we love while they are here, rather than waiting until they are gone.
        How soul-touching your love, and this loving tribute to Paulo, is.

        With gratitude and Love,
        Jane xoxoxoxoxo
        Can’t wait to see you again : )

  15. sushi kadanakuppe says:

    What a lovely way to connect his work and himself as a person with us!!! Great to see how all of us feel about Paulo…. I am one among all those who got inspired and his work helps us to continue to keep hope in life. More than all this as he says in one of his books, every moment on this earth should be celebrated since our life is so short on earth yet so beautiful!!!
    Thank you Priya

  16. Navid Rijoane says:

    all above are women.
    i just couldn’t stop myself saying that ” paulo says the words of my heart”

  17. sparklymey says:

    Priya, I read your lovely words, The Perfect Heart, on Paulo’s blog, and I thank you for how your words touched me as Paulo’s do so many times in my life, just when they need to. Thank you for being a light in the world and sharing your beauty.

    Love to you, friend and keep spreading the light.

  18. Rachel says:

    Wow this is amazing I love him too and agree with everything

  19. Marissa says:

    Priya! 🙂 Thank you for speaking on behalf of every woman who Mr. Paulo Coehlo is an inspiration to. He always seem to know what to say to make me feel better at any given day w/ his blog/tweets. You both are an inspiration to me~ *xoxo*

  20. For all the writen reasons i readed here and also:
    Just because He is Him
    A beautiful and wonderful soul ❤️

    Love for each of you !

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