Don’t be a Victim

So many people live most their lives thinking that they are victims.  They think that bad things only happen to them.  They believe that life is good for their friends and that they are the only people in the world that have picked the ‘short straw’.

Many people I come across in my work have suffered this mentality and often they will tell me that they think my life must be perfect.  Instead of sitting there and telling them about all the things that have gone wrong in my life, I ask them about their life.  I ask them why they think my life is perfect and what do they think that I have got that they do not have or could not have.  In the end after speaking to them for about an hour I help them to realise that they also have a fortunate life and that so much in our life is affected by our attitude.

I have always had a positive attitude, largely thanks to my parents, who always bought me up to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted.  I changed careers a few times and did well in each one, mostly because I believed that with passion I could achieve anything.  When something bad happens to me, I grieve, I cry but I do not believe that I am a victim.  I know that the scenario I have gone through or am going through many have been through.  But I do believe my pain is unique to me and that I have to listen to my heart and not rush into ‘fixing’ myself.  I know that eventually the only person that can help me the most is myself.

I know that there are certain people in the world that have had a particularly terrible time e.g. people who have been abused, attacked, tortured, lost their children or lost a loved one in a very traumatic way.  For them they need specialist help and a lot of time to heal.

However, if you are someone who at every small crisis starts thinking of yourself as a victim then you need to start helping yourself.

Why do people feel like victims:

Low self esteem

Negative thinking

Negative friends or family

Your beliefs – you are being punished by God etc

To help yourself:

Begin with working on your self-esteem and confidence :

Attend a self-esteem course

Have some counselling

Read some positive books

Surround yourself with positive people

To help with your negative thinking:

When something bad happens write down what you could do to help the situation eg if you are in a financial mess, seek the help of a specialist or friend to help you work out your finances and improve your situation.

Try and see the situation from a different perspective.

Read positive books and inspirational biographies of people who have endured so much and have come through successfully.

And Finally

Always remember you are not alone, millions of us have suffered a similar situation.  If you want help all you need to do is ask for it – speak to friends, family, seek professional help and in this day and age you can even google it!

4 Responses to “Don’t be a Victim”
  1. ENRIQUE says:

    Every single day I say thank´s God by let me be in contac with such Wonderfull peoples like Priya!

    Each word yuo write goes deep into my heart.

    Thank you a lot!

  2. shail gulhati says:

    Nice write,Priya:)
    i like the focus of reclaiming one’s authority/divine identity.
    Shaivic esoterics lay great emphasis on use the word re-cognition, a centred and settled conviction of one’s
    true nature, and then a ripening of the will:)

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