Feng Shui to attract Wealth Energy

Attracting Wealth Using Feng Shui

(Article Published in Soul & Spirit Magazine April 2011)

  • The front door is the mouth of the property where chi and money enters.  Therefore, ensure the path to your front door is clear and not blocked by overgrown bushes and trees.
  • Ensure your front door opens smoothly and is in good condition (no marks, chipped wood etc).
  • The hall is where chi is circulated and nourishes other parts of your home from.  Therefore, ensure your hall is free from clutter and is well lit so it can receive and circulate the energy.
  • Money and chi enters from the front door and leaves through the back door.  Therefore, ensure your back door is smaller than your front door, if it isn’t place a blind on your back door.
  • In your sitting room place a round leaved green plant (preferably a money plant), in the corner diagonally opposite your sitting room door.  This is a money power spot and when a plant is placed here it activates its energy.
  • Water symbolizes money and when placed in the correct orientation activates money energy. Since the southeast contains money energy place either a water feature or an aquarium in the southeast of your sitting room to activate money chi.
  • Ensure the rooms that are in the southeast of your home are clear of clutter.
  • If your garden is in the southeast ensure it is clear and that you have good fences to hold the chi.
  • Fix any leaks – water represents money energy, thus, leaking water is leaking money.
  • If there is any money energy in the bathroom it drains very quickly.  To be safe introduce a few small plants in your bathroom, to slow the flow of leaking money.  Also keep your toilet lid down and your bathroom door closed, so vital chi is not lost.

Priya Sher is an accredited feng shui consultant and teacher, registered with The Chue Foundation and the Feng Shui Society.  She is based at The Hale Clinic in London and has performed thousands of successful residential and commercial consultations. Commercial clients range from Investment Banks, Casino’s, Health Spa’s to Government offices.  Contact her at http://www.priyasher.com

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