The Presidents Speech

The President Speech

There are not many living authors that can claim that they have been quoted and mentioned as inspiration for a Presidents Speech.  Of course, admittedly, it is phenomenal and the writer would be justified in boasting about his accomplishment.  Yet Paulo Coelho is so humble, (after all he is the most inspiring writer of our time) that he has said that he is surprised that President Obama has quoted him.

I would just like to say:

“Dear Paulo, if it was anyone else it would have been a surprise. However, you have been an inspiration to billions, (in fact, way before we had even heard of who President Obama was) and you have been read by most Presidents from your native Brasil to USA, your words touch everyone from the people on the street, to the King and Queen in their castles. Thank You”

“Our two nations faced many challenges. On the road ahead, we will certainly encounter many obstacles but in the end, it is our history that gives us hope for a better democracy.
It is the knowledge that the men and women who came before us have triumphed over greater trials than these – That we live in places where ordinary people have done extraordinary things –
It is that sense of possibility , that sense of optimism that first drew pioneers to this New World.
It is what binds our nations together as partners in this new century.
We believe in the words of Paulo Coelho, one of your most famous writers :
– With the strength or our love and our will we can change our destiny as well as the destiny of many others –
Muito obrigado and may God bless our two nations.
Thank you very much.”

The German version (Schutzengel) is currently in all best seller lists in Austria, Germany, Switzerland

The Valkyries is a modern day adventure, a metaphysical battle with self doubt and fear, a true story of two people striving to understand one another, and a supernatural encounter with angels.  It is ultimately a story about forgiving our past and believing in our future.

”The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take risk of living out their dreams – each according to his or her own talent”  – ‘The Valkyries’

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