Feng Shui tips for a Baby’s Nursery

 Feng Shui Tips for a Baby’s Nursery

‘A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day.’

Having a baby should be one of the most exciting times of a persons life, but often it can become  stressful if the expectant parents have not prepared adequately for the new addition.

I have provided feng shui consultations for many parents who are expecting a baby.  A nursery that is designed using feng shui principles provides a great foundation for your newborn child by encouraging a good flow of energy that results in a healthy, happy, confident and well-rested baby (as well as rested parents!).

Here are some tips that I give to parents designing their baby’s nursery:

  • Avoid selecting a room that is above a garage or empty space.
  • A great orientation for a nursery is the east direction.
  • Before moving anything into the nursery give the room a thorough clean and perform a small space clearing of the energy.
  • Ensure the decor in the nursery is light and neutral; recommended colors are: apple white, light lemon shades, light pink, lilac, and light blue.
  • Ensure lighting in the room is not too bright at night. Ideally fit a dimmer switch or have lamps so you can control the lighting.
  • Ensure there are no threatening figures/posters on the walls.
  • Ideally position the cot diagonally opposite the door.
  • Never position the cot directly in front of the door.
  • Do not position the head of the cot with a window behind it.
  • If you want to hang a cot mobile on the cot ensure you remove it when the baby sleeps, as it is not conducive to the baby’s sleep to have something hanging over his/her head.
  • Do not place any shelves above or behind the cot.
  • Do not place any heavy artwork behind the cot.
  • Remove or cover any mirrors at night.
  • At night ensure all toys are packed neatly into a toy box or toy bag.
  • Keep electrical items to a minimum to reduce electromagnetic stress.
  • Place black-out blinds on windows to ensure no light enters to disturb sleep.
  • Choose natural materials as far as possible for bed linen and curtains etc.
  • Ensure there are no sharp edges that could hurt the baby.
  • Place an ABC chart on the east or north-east wall.
  • Burn some natural lavender oil or light a lavender candle one hour before the baby’s bedtime.
  • Open the window for a short period every day to clear any stale air.

Priya Sher is a fully accredited & certified feng shui consultant – based in London travels internationally

2 Responses to “Feng Shui tips for a Baby’s Nursery”
  1. Erika says:

    I live in a small and very awkward apartment and share my room with my 2 month old baby and boyfriend. My room is the most oddly shaped in the apartment. It has one door that leads to the kitchen facing South East, another door leading to the hallway of the apartment complex facing SW, the closet door is right in front of that door and the bathroom door is diagonally across from the kitchen entrance door with a window on the NE wall and all along the north wall are odd cut out from the closet and bathroom. we placed my son’s crib next to our bed in front of the hallway exit door. I have no idea where else to put the crib but I hate that it’s in front of the door and would hate to expose my son to bad energy.

    Please give me any advice you have

    • Priya Sher says:

      I would need to visit your property to find a suitable location for the crib – I would recommend you find a local qualified & experienced feng shui consultant to view your apartment and give you some advice.

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