‘Tiny Changes mean Huge Results’ – Tony Robbins

‘Tiny Changes mean Huge Results’ – Tony Robbins

The other day I came across this very passionate and powerful short talk by Tony Robbins – It’s amazing and just so true, I recommend that everyone who wants to achieve great results watch it.

This is what I picked up from it:

  • When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just a few millimetres away from making it happen
  • Sculpt your mind and emotions to achieve and contribute
  • Change your physiology and use your body and voice
  • When people meet and if there is rapport, the person who is most certain will always influence the other person
2 Responses to “‘Tiny Changes mean Huge Results’ – Tony Robbins”
  1. Rombout says:

    Hello, Priya,
    Yes, Tony is an inspiring person. It’s al about those ‘few millimetres away from making it happen’… For some, even this distance seems an eternity. I compare it with a solar eclipse: at 99% Earth is still bathing in Light, only when the eclipse reaches 100% one can see the stars! This is true in love relations too, and, also for one’s identity. A 100% feeling cannot be compared with anything else: you merge with your divine destiny. For some of us, perhaps this life is just a passing through, soul searching, but I’m convinced eventually, we all arrive at that 100%, that is the moment our need is transformed in pure Love.
    Love & Light, Ave,

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