Behind the scenes with Paulo Coelho

Behind the Scenes with Paulo Coelho – Vogue Magazine

I came across this great video of Paulo Coelho taken by Benjamin Kanarek for Vogue – It is shot at one of Paulo’s homes in Switzerland. In this video Paulo talks briefly about his book The Aleph, shortly to be released in English in September  2011.  He also talks about the butterfly tattoo on his arm which is his expression of love and his version of a wedding ring.
The camera takes us around his beautiful home, in his office where he writes and into both the sitting and dining areas as well as his lovely garden.  I love this video as it is very intimate  and Paulo is completely relaxed and at ease.

Hope you all enjoy it as well.

8 Responses to “Behind the scenes with Paulo Coelho”
  1. Elgin says:

    Love this Priya! And Switzerland is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for share Priya! is beautiful 🙂

  3. Rombout says:

    Thanks for sharing Priya, everytime i see/hear/read Paulo, i encounter a man who is just ‘himself’, no more, no less, not so obvious to deal with given all the attention he’s getting, an example of greatness in humble, honest simplicity.

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