Spice up your Sex Life with Feng Shui

Spice up your Sex Life with Feng Shui

The correct application of feng shui principles will benefit you in every area of your life, so if you are looking to improve your sex life then follow these simple tips to improve the energy of your bedroom:

The Bed – Yes, size matters! A double bed is the most beneficial size for a healthy relationship.  Avoid king size or single beds.

The Mattress – This should be firm.

Material of Bed – The bed should be a solid wooden frame with a wooden or fabric headboard.

Position of Bed–  Ideally, position the bed diagonally opposite the bedroom door and allow enough room on both sides of the bed to walk around it. Ensure a solid wall supports the headboard of the bed.

Décor of Room – Select light neutral colours.

Bedsheets – Satin, silk and cotton materials are best in neutral colours, avoid an excess of black and red colours.

Artwork/photos – Remove all family and religious photos – place erotic or romantic artwork on the wall in front of the bed.  (Never place heavy artwork above the head of the bed)

Bedside tables – Place bedside tables of the same size on both sides of the bed. Place one rose quartz crystal on each of them – remove everything else from the tables.

Lighting – Select soft lighting lamps and candles with light smelling fragrances.

Electrical items – Remove televisions, phones, computers etc from the bedroom these are not conducive to a good sex life.  Keep a stereo to play romantic music, but position it away from the bed.

Clutter – Clutter is a serious no!  Remove any clutter from the bedroom.  Including teddies, dolls and soft toys!

One Response to “Spice up your Sex Life with Feng Shui”
  1. hari says:

    Nice tips but cell phones are unavoidable !

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