Enjoy the view: Feng Shui tips for comfortable TV watching this Autumn

Enjoy the view: Feng Shui tips for comfortable TV watching this Autumn


This is an article featuring me published in Sky News



What can you say about Autumn? It’s leaves and Halloween; it’s confusion about whether the clocks go back or forwards (it’s back, by the way); it’s a time to get those coppery-brown, woolly clothes out; and it’s the time to settle down and watch some great TV.


We’ve got loads of toasty shows to keep you warm this season. There are all-new episodes of Glee, high-concept dino-drama Terra Nova, not to mention brilliant original and imported comedy like This is JinsyModern Family and Spy, just to name a few.


But what about the room you’re watching TV in? Are you comfortable there, or do you feel a little … squirmy? Maybe you need to arrange your TV room according to Feng Shui principles.


Feng Shui literally means ‘wind-water’ and is a way of arranging space to be in balance with the Earth’s natural energy.  It has been practised in China and other parts of Asia for thousands of years.


We’ve spoken to the experts for their their tips on how you can set your TV room up according to the principles of this ancient system.


Who we spoke to

FengShui2_80x65Priya Sher is a former management consultant and now full time Feng Shui consultant living in London. She says: “Feng Shui to me is a sensible way to harness the energy of the environment to benefit those living within it.”


Priya’s TV room top tips:


  1. Select furniture in proportion to the room size: not too big for a small room and vice versa.
  2. If you can, avoid placing your TV in the south, southeast or east of the room. It’s best to place it to the west, northwest or north.
  3. Balance the colour of the room against the amount of natural light it gets. So, for instance, if your TV room gets plenty of natural light, avoid bright or light coloured walls.
  4. Avoid painting the walls bright shades of red, pink or purple. “ These would make the energy of the room too active.”
  5. Place a tall plant with soft leaves in the corner diagonally opposite the door to activate money energy.

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