Give your New Relationship a Chance

Give your New Relationship a Chance

I wrote this article for my friend Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love blog, which is full of loving insightful articles and stories.

“One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find the future has run out on us.”

– Michael Cibenko

Today I sat thinking about how so many people waste their days regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow and in turn they miss the pleasures of the present.  Especially when it comes to relationships.

If they have had a bad relationship in the past they will go into a new relationship with suspicion and caution.  In doing this they are already tarnishing the new relationship that is full of possibilities and millions of joyful moments.  They will measure each new relationship against a previous one and not give the current one a chance of reaching its potential of joy.

Of course I understand that if a person has been hurt in the past it does have an affect on their life, and it will affect them for a period after. Therefore, after a negative and toxic relationship always cleanse yourself of the experience. This will require therapy, healing and time.  Give yourself this because you deserve to give your new relationship a chance of success. Do not allow it to affect future relationships. It is in our control to enter a new relationship when we are ready and before expecting from another trust, respect and love we need to have that for ourselves.

We need to love ourselves and believe that we deserve the best.  We need to trust ourselves that we will choose the right partner and we need to respect ourselves and not allow ourselves to fall into the same trap again of a harmful relationship.

If we enter each new relationship with concern and distrust we are not giving ourselves a chance of enjoying the present. The simple moments that should bring us happiness will instead bring us worry; the butterflies in our stomach will not be those of excitement but those of fear.  The romantic words will not cause our hearts to skip a beat but will instead cause our hearts to sink in doubt.

The choice is always ours to give our new relationship a chance of purity and untarnished bliss. Euripides once said ‘Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.’ Just let the past go and make room for your future joy.

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Priya is a Feng Shui teacher combining the wisdom of the east with the logic of the west. Visit her website here.

2 Responses to “Give your New Relationship a Chance”
  1. Awesome post. I agree with all you said. It sometimes seems that people get in a circle in life. One of ups and downs and it looks as if they are actually choosing the downs. Also, using past memories to ruin the present… Uhh..
    Well, I’ve even been bad with that before, but getting better I hope 😀
    Happy V-day!

  2. Mohsin says:

    Nice post…. but just to add a point..past experince do we have thier purpose.
    They occured to teach u a karmic lesson, with that new learning get in to the present relatinship.
    As Priya said dont cling in to the bad experince embrace the learnig n keep evolving 🙂

    Mohsin Khazi

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