Nasreddin’s Flower Garden

I love this short story because it reminds me of my grandfather, he would always say to my sisters and I, “What can not be cured, must be endured”.  He would always tell us that no one is perfect and that we need to learn to live with our own uniqueness! This for me is the moral of this story.  I hope you enjoy it.



Nasreddin’s Flower Garden

Traditional Sufi Story

A young man named Nasreddin planted a flower garden, but when the flowers came up so did a great crop of dandelions among them. Wishing to eliminate the unwanted guests, Nasreddin consulted with gardeners near and far, but none of their solutions worked.

Finally, Nasreddin traveled to the palace of the sheik to seek the wisdom of the royal gardener himself. But alas, Nasreddin had already tried all the methods the kind old man recommended to him for eradicating such troublesome weeds.

Silently they sat together for a good long time. At last, the royal gardener looked at Nasreddin and said, “Well, then, the only thing I can suggest is that you learn to love them.”

2 Responses to “Nasreddin’s Flower Garden”
  1. Charles ling says:

    Good one..Priya…In man’s quest for perfection,we try to change everthing which has any form of unpleasentry about it…I can not but wonder,whether the “bees” distinguish between flowers & so called weeds..All things great & small,pretty & ugly,have a purpose……Thank you..Charles

  2. sofalogical says:

    This is so true of everything. we would rather get rid of what we don’t like rather than try to even put up with let alone love it and even if it means losing all the good bits in the process. whether looking at work situation, a spouse or any area of life; it seems to be a common problem.

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