The Face of Luis Suarez


Without a doubt Luis Suárez is a talented footballer but, once again his vicious attacks on the pitch are what are being talked about more than his football skills.

A deeper understanding of his personality and character can be seen by observing his face.

His general face shape indicates that he has a lot of fire. This means that he has a lot of passion but he can easily get angry and very impatient.

When we look at his ears and forehead we can tell that he had a very challenging early life. His ears are tiger ears which indicates that he is always ready for attack. Often he acts before he thinks and he can be blinded by his emotions. Ears similar to his are found on many sports personalities and also on manual labourers. These people use their bodies more than their brains to get what they want.

His forehead is small and full of deep lines. A small forehead indicates a challenging childhood. Also the shape of his forehead shows that his relationship with his parents was full of difficulties. The deep horizontal lines on his forehead for on a man of his age demonstrate that he is very stressed and suffers from anxiety.

His very famous watermelon mouth shows that if he’s your friend he’s a great friend, but if he’s not a friend then you shouldn’t share a secret with him as he can’t keep his mouth shut. Also he finds it very difficult to control his money.

His face also indicates that his temper is only going to get worse in his thirties and If he doesn’t get help now it could end up costing him his career.

So some advice to Luis Suarez please get help now while your star is shining otherwise you will end up hurting the ones you love and care for most.

Priya Sher

Copyright 2014

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