Feng Shui for Selling your home


I often get asked to help clients sell their homes.  Often the properties have been on the market for a very long time and either they have had buyers that have backed out at the last minute or they have had people offering them much less than the market price.

Most of the time the homes are well kept, clean and tidy and the clients are very frustrated as they have often spent additional money on redecorating in order to sell their home.  However, what some clients don’t know is that just like people, properties have their own energy.  The reason that the property has not been sold may be that the energy of it is unwelcoming and certain parts of the property may have negative energy, which buyers may not be able to see but they can feel.

I come into the home and balance its energy, I give recommendations on how to make it feel welcoming, mostly the changes I recommend are very simple and inexpensive.  Once the clients have done the changes then I give them an auspicious date to put the property on the market.

Just a few months ago I received a very lovely email from a very satisfied client whose house had been stuck for months on the market:

“Hi Priya,

I wanted to let you know that following the implementation of the changes you suggested , I received an offer from the first person who viewed the property. In fact I received an offer the same day and am currently awaiting a date for exchange of contracts.

Thank you so much for your help. A real Angel. God bless.”
— India Knight – Chelsea London

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