Feng Shui for Relationships

happy couple

The feng shui of your home may have an affect on your relationship and your suitability for finding and holding a suitable partner.

As an experienced and accredited feng shui consultant I have been helping clients to either find a partner or improve their relationship by balancing the feng shui of their homes.

There are many features in the home and landform that may cause a blockage in relationships.  Some forms are visible to the untrained eye whereas others are more subtle.  Only a qualified feng shui expert can perform calculations which can pinpoint where the negative and argument energy may be that could be affecting your relationship.

There are certain natural land forms such as slopes; homes that are built on slopes will cause an imbalance in relationship energy.  Or manmade buildings such as power stations;  if a power station is in the north in relation to your home it may cause arguments and sexual problems.

Even simple things like the condition and shape of your front garden and the presence of trees and pylons in certain locations may affect the quality of your relationship and your ability to attract a suitable partner.

Another very important factor is the footprint of the home.  If certain areas/directions are missing it will be reflected in your relationship or lack of it. In fact even the layout of your kitchen may have an affect on your relationship.

And last but not least the most important room for your relationship is the bedroom…thus, its decor, layout, position of the bed and size of the bed may also have a very powerful affect on your relationship.

To perform a thorough analysis I have to take into account factors, such as the clients date of birth, the orientation and form of the house to see if it is supporting male/female energy, the orientation of the bedroom and bed to see if it is on hexagrams that support relationships. I may have to angle the bedroom door and bed to attract a relationship and so much more.

‘ We had been in our new home for about two years, and had been arguing continuously. Within a year of moving there my husband had lost his job. We invited Priya In to check the energy of our property. She advised us that we had very bad argument energy in the centre of the house. Also the area that represented my husbands career was in the toilet. She made some simple recommendations and after we implemented her changes, things improved a lot. My husband now has another job, so he is very happy and our arguments are much less.’ Sarah Matthews – Islington London

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