Feng shui for new builds

Feng Shui for New Builds


For the last few years I’ve been working on a very interesting project for Genting Resorts World. I was invited to consult on the site before the construction had started. This was the ideal time as I was able to advise them on where the facing (front) and site (back) should go. The building which is 538,000 sq. ft is an enormous complex and is going to be a huge leisure hub in Birmingham. Providing hundreds of jobs for locals and entertaining thousands of people from everywhere every day.

We designed the building to face the lake in the north direction which for the coming fate period is very auspicious for wealth chi. By being able to be involved at this stage I was able to provide the maximum benefit with just this one recommendation alone!

The advantage of designing a business or home from the construction stage is that you can manipulate it for maximum prosperity and good health. You can ensure that the areas that contain beneficial energy are used as living spaces and the areas with negative energy are used as toilets or store rooms. Rooms with quiet energy can be bedrooms or meditation space. Rooms with money energy can be the sitting room or the home office.

At the construction stage you can also ensure that the property is the correct proportion of the plot and that it is positioned so that the front garden and back garden are balanced in accordance with feng shui guidelines.

There is so much benefit to designing a property within feng shui guidelines. However, sometimes it’s just not possible as the architect is limited with certain aspects. When this happens you have to work within the constraints provided but you can still optimise it as much as possible when you are armed with feng shui knowledge. For example if the architect says that due to the plumbing the toilet must be in a certain location and the location happens to have beneficial energy then you can design it with colours and materials so that it causes minimal problem. There are always options with feng shui, this is the amazing benefit of it.

Ultimately, when a home or business is designed with feng shui in mind then your earth luck is optimised and often life may become smoother with beneficial opportunities coming your way.

“Priya Sher has provided invaluable assistance in our redevelopment and new build projects, ensuring that Feng Shui needs are properly considered at the design stage. Her approach is entirely collaborative and pragmatic and her delivery reliable and professional. We continue to consult with her on our ongoing project work.” David Davis – Director of Commercial Operations Genting Casinos

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