Feng shui for conception

feng shui for conception

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

When you have serious infertility problems Feng Shui is not the answer. However, if you have been trying to conceive and there is no known medical reason for your not having children then Feng Shui may help.

Sometimes there may be a feature or imbalance in your property that could be affecting your fertility. For example I had a client who had been trying to get pregnant for years and when I went to do the feng shui of her home I realised the area that represented children for her and her husband was missing. We had to activate the other points in the home to compensate for this and she then had her baby.

Most of the time the recommendations are very simple like aligning your bed to conception lines, placing a Buddha in a pulse point or planting beautiful flowers to activate the chi or trimming down trees in the garden in a certain location to let in light in a particular orientation.

I would never discourage a client to get medical help, in fact I would encourage that. I would just balance the home so that it could boost the clients earth luck to its full potential.

“We had been having problems with conceiving for three years. The doctor had told us that we were both fertile. We invited Priya to check the energy of our property to check if it could be affecting our chances of having a baby. Priya recommended some simple changes. Five months after making the changes I fell pregnant. Thank you Priya! ”

— Rita Singh – Hampstead London

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