Feng shui for Losing Weight

Feng shui for losing weight

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Every property has its own unique energy just like we humans have our own personal energy. When I align your property with feng shui the occupant and property’s energy is combined and thus the property supports its occupant.

Often I have been to properties where the client has told me that since they have moved into that property they have gained a lot of weight. Once I have done the calculations I can decipher what the problem is; If the client happens to be sleeping in a room with negative energy then they can easily put on weight. To counteract this often very simple recommendations are given. Sometimes the kitchen can be located in an orientation where the energy may be encouraging you to put on weight. Again with simple recommendations this may be solved.

Let’s be very clear, of course if you have always eaten excessively and are not in the habit of exercising then feng shui will not help you. However, if the weight gain is unusual and you don’t have a medical condition causing it and especially if it’s started after you’ve moved bedrooms or homes then feng shui may be able to help you.

“I had moved into my new home and had gained about two stones in a year after moving in. I had invited Priya to feng shui my home and she had told me that the room I was sleeping in was not suited to my energy. I moved to the room that Priya had recommended for me and I started losing weight. I’m so happy to recommend Priya’s feng shui services!”

Maya Sidhu – Brentwood Essex

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