Feng shui for business success

Feng shui for business success

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Successful businesses understand that Feng Shui can be a competitive tool. Every employer wants to be proactive and maximize staff potential. This can be achieved by providing a healthy and positive working environment. By achieving this, business’ simultaneously achieve their target of maximizing sales.

“Priya Sher has provided invaluable assistance in our redevelopment and
new build projects, ensuring that Feng Shui needs are properly
considered at the design stage. Her approach is entirely collaborative
and pragmatic and her delivery reliable and professional. We continue to
consult with her on our ongoing project work.” David Davis – Director of Commercial Operations Genting Casinos

For example; each property has areas that represent money, if your money area happens to be where you’ve stored excess paperwork etc then the money will be dead. When I perform a feng shui consultation I ensure that all the areas that represent money and or have positive energy are activated so that you can gain maximum benefit from them.

By improving the Feng Shui of our work environment we may be able to increase our wealth, reduce employee and management disputes, staff sick leave, high staff turnover and ultimately achieve a harmonious working environment . It makes sense!

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