Kanye West – face reading


As a professional face reader I often get asked to read the faces of celebrities and recently many have asked me to comment on Kanye West’s face.

You don’t need to be a face reader to know that he speaks or tweets before he thinks or that he is self absorbed or that he has money problems he’s declared this openly to the world in his Twitter rants.

But there are things about him that many people may not know; he is, honest and kind, in fact he has to be careful that people don’t take advantage of his kindness and manipulate him.

He is also very intelligent but one problem with his intelligence is that he doesn’t know how to utilise it to be best of his ability a bit like a free flowing river that hasn’t been damned and ends up causing a flood.

His Relationship; he loves deeply but is a control freak and this control will cause a lot of problems for him.

He has no patience for people who can’t organise themselves but in fact he doesn’t realise that even though he maybe organised in his space his mind is out of his control.

He face shows that he may suffer from a deep sadness that he finds very difficult to pull himself out off. (In fact his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner suffers this too.)

His Health – apart from serious down moods throughout – In his 40’s he may get issues with stomach disorders.

(I must stress however that for an accurate face reading assessment you need to physically see the person, my reading is just based on available photos.)


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