An excerpt from my book

imageAn excerpt from my book……

“……..She needs to live her life and you need to live yours. Your roads connected for a while but now they have changed course. Let her continue on her path and you must continue on yours.

Allow yourself to develop inner feelings of self worth. Once these feelings have become internalised, you will experience unconditional love.

Think about water, the more we try to grasp it in our hand the less we can hold. We need to let it be free then it fills it’s purpose. We need to be able to keep flowing like water and not become stagnant.

It’s time to learn to let go and forgive. Forgive her for hurting you. I will help show you how you can say goodbye to her.

Tomorrow early morning we will go to the village market and buy a white dove. We will go to the place where you first met your beloved and you will set the dove free. The dove symbolises your lover and by setting it free you will forgive her for hurting you and allow her to meet her own destiny.

Always remember that giving your heart is a risk worth taking. Sometimes you have to give your heart many times before you find your true love, but if you close your heart now you will block your own future.

You need to surround yourself with those you love and move forward with your life.

Thank your creator for giving you such a loving heart which allows you to love as deeply as it has, because this love can be given to so many who need it.

Look at my heart it is full of scars, I have given and taken love everywhere I have been and with every encounter my heart grows more still.

I have made my mistakes but I have forgiven myself because without forgiveness you can not continue enjoying your daily blessings. Forgive but don’t lose hope of loving again. With a heart as deep and full of love as yours you are truly blessed. One day someone will walk into your life and you will understand why any other relationship of yours may have not gone the way you had expected.

The young man felt the old man’s words echo in his heart. He felt revived after being reminded of the beauty that his heart could feel. He knew that his heart was capable of so much love and it was a sin to stop it from doing what it naturally wanted to do.

The next morning as planned they both went to the market. The old man asked the young man to choose a dove. He chose one that reminded him of his beloved.

They walked for several hours to the place where they first met, a beautiful vista between all shades of pink cherry blossom trees. The smell of the green grass and cherry blossom reminded him of his lover, he closed his eyes and imagined her for one last time, her long black flowing hair, her delicate hands, her deep brown eyes.

He gently held the dove and told her that he was ready to forgive her for the hurt she had caused him, she had given him so much joy as well and he thanked her for those moments that they had shared. He knew at that time her love was true and real and all those moments were precious. He wished that she continue on her path and find the love she needed.

He forgave himself for his hatred and prayed that God would help him on his journey of healing. He was ready now to start on his new path. He kissed the doves soft white wings and set it free and for just a moment the dove looked back around at the man as if to acknowledge everything he had said. As he looked on she continued with her elegant flight high into the sky he could see her disappearing into the horizon. She was finally free and so was he.

The man felt a lightness in his heart which was difficult to explain, but what he did understand was that this old man had healed him of an immense amount of pain and he would always be thankful to him. Some people cross your path and change your whole direction….”

I hope you all enjoyed

Thank you


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