welcoming the 9 fate

Feng Shui is a study of both time and space. The aspect of time is calculated using flying stars which divides the years into fate periods. There are many styles of flying star but some of the most widely used ones are Sam Yuen and Yuen Hom. The Sam Yuen is a simplistic style in which all stars fly forward and each fate period is divided into set periods of 20 years.

The flying star method that I specialise in is the Yuen Hom style which is then further combined with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. This is a far more sophisticated style which was used in the imperial courts of China. In this method the fate periods are calculated using the yin and yang lines of the triagrams. Thus, all fate periods have differing years. In this style the stars fly backwards and forwards based on whether the stars are yin or yang. The concept of yin and yang is paramount for Chue style Yuen Hom and for every yang there is a corresponding yin as only with the meeting of yin and yang can new life be created. The Yuen Hom 9 fate period begins in 2017 and lasts 27 years.

So what can we expect in the 9 fate? The 9 fate period is going to start in January 2017. This fate is governed by the kin (father) triagram which is an all yang triagram. Thus, all yang means action, so this fate will be very fast and hectic. People will be striving for balance as their lives will be full of chaos caused by increasing levels of technology and information overload. There will be more global unrest and aggression in the world, earthly disasters such as earthquakes and landslides and the weather will be very unpredictable, the hot, cold, rain and sun often defying the seasons.

To prepare: start now to bring balance and calm in your life. Spend more time with your family and teach your children that there is life beyond their technical devices. Create a sacred space in your home so that you can spend time nurturing your soul, a place you can relax in which is free from electrical devices. Improve your diet and invest money on your healthy eating since vegetation is going to become more and more expensive from 2017.

Learn to manage your stress and create a network of friends around you that can support you should you need. There will be more breakdowns in relationships so work on your communication with your partner.

Lastly, with the incoming 9 fate all the calculations of your property will change. If you have previously had feng shui in the 8 fate period which spanned from 1996-2016 you may need to rebalance your home again to prepare for the 9 fate (my clients reading this please don’t panic I’ve been using both the 9 fate and 8 fate calcs for the last few years and additionally I balance the home using the 64 hexagrams).  The 8 fate was more calm as it’s  triagram had 2 yin lines and 1 yang so it was more slow.

Ensure that you do not have an excess of bright colours such as deep or bright red and orange in your home as these may cause problems with your mind. Keep colours calm and patterns to a minimum.

Ultimately, make your psychological and physical health a priority for this fate period as there will not be many slow years, things will be confusing and fast paced. So take time to relax.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Great post thanks

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