George & Amal Clooney Face Reading Analysis (basic)


Despite whether the current rumours are true about the cracks in George and Amal Clooney’s marriage, those who’ve attended my face reading classes would already know that these two were headed for a challenging marriage.

The reason for this? Firstly just purely looking at the elements of their faces. Amal is predominantly a wood shape (long & thin) and George is predominantly a metal shape (rectangular/square). In the cycle of the five elements, Wood and Metal are opposing elements as in Metal (axe) chops Wood (tree).

Therefore, as is often the case there would have been an overwhelming attraction but then over time that decreases and the friction in the elements  takes over. So for example in this case George controls the relationship (as he is metal), leaving Amal frustrated.

Additionally, George’s face shows that having a family is not his priority. He finds it challenging to commit to a relationship, can feel suffocated and may find it difficult to express himself. So when they have arguments he won’t  want to discuss the issues. This of course adds to her frustration.

Additionally, his sexual energy is on the decline as his philtrum (the area between his nose and lips) is flat/weak and the area under his eyes swollen, whilst Amal’s is still strong.  So this in itself may cause more issues in the relationship.

So despite whether the rumours of a split are true or false they both have a challenging relationship.

Those wondering if they can improve their relationship – the answer is yes! With feng shui recommendations and introducing the pacifying element Water; water stops the crash between metal and wood.

(*disclaimer this analysis is based purely on photographs, I’ve not met them and an accurate analysis can only be performed in person*)

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