How one of the most important books in the world came to be written


I got this article from my friend Paulo Coelho’s blog. Books like these do t come along too often…

In the twenty-third year of the reign of Zhao, Lao Tzu realized that the war would ultimately destroy the place where he lived. Since he had spent years meditating on the essence of life, he knew that there are times when one has to be practical. He made the simplest possible decision: to move.

He took his few belongings and set off for Han Keou. As he was leaving the city, he met a gatekeeper.
‘Where is an eminent sage like you going?’ asked the gatekeeper.
‘Somewhere far from the war.’
‘You can’t just leave like that. I would like to know what you have learned after all these years of meditation. I will only let you leave, if you share what you know with me.’
Simply in order to get rid of the man, Lao Tzu wrote a slender volume right there and then, and gave that one copy to the gatekeeper. Then he went on his way, and was never heard of again.
Further copies of Lao Tzu’s book were made, it crossed centuries, it crossed millennia, and reached our time. It is called Tao Te Ching and is, quite simply, essential reading. Here are a few examples from its pages:
He who keeps to his path has will.
Be humble and you will remain whole.
Bow down and you will remain erect.
Empty yourself and you will remain full.
Wear yourself out and you will remain new.
The wise man does not show himself, and that is why he shines.
He does not attract attention to himself, and that is why he is noticed.
He does not praise himself, and that is why he has merit.
And because he is not competing, no one in the world can compete with him.

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  1. masazorn says:

    Wonderful story Priya! So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing

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