New Year, New You – @tonyrobbins

Tony Robbins New Year, New You   This is an absolutely fantastic video by Tony Robbins to get you started this new year. The video is not new but the content is timeless! Below are a few of the key points that I picked up: Progress equals Happiness. Change is automatic but progress is not. … Continue reading


I just came across this article on Tony Robbins blog and wanted to share with you all. Tony is an amazing person who has helped millions of people with his infinite knowledge, experience and kind heart. WHO IS IN CHARGE OF YOUR EMOTIONS? Everyone wants to enhance their quality of life. Everyone wants to be … Continue reading

Tony Robbins – create a new story

Today whilst browsing Youtube I stumbled on this fantastic talk by Tony Robbins – it’s so inspiring, it just makes you want to get up and get your life to where you want it to be. This is what I enjoyed from it: Progress equals happiness The formula for Happiness equals that you meet or … Continue reading

Tony Robbins – The Power of Choice

Tony Robbins – The Power of Choice I just came across this video of Tony Robbins and it is absolutely amazing.  I recommend everyone watches it and passes it on to their friends and family.  I have just listed a few treasures from the session that grabbed my attention: Stress doesn’t come from the facts … Continue reading

Make 2012 Your Best Yet from Tony Robbins

I watched this fantastic video of Tony Robbins and it inspired me so much – I’m sure when you watch it, you will be smiling all the way through because Tony’s energy is so vibrant and positive. Make 2012 your best yet and make a start right now by watching this video! Key points: Select … Continue reading

Master Your Fear – Tony Robbins

Master Your Fear  I found this inspiring interview of Tony Robbins posted on youtube during the financial crisis a few years ago – Tony’s tips in this interview are so valuable for all of us in the current climate today. This is what I picked up on: Use fear to your advantage as you chart … Continue reading

Seek And You Shall Find – Tony Robbins

Seek And You Shall Find – Tony Robbins I came across this very inspiring video of Tony Robbins today – his words are so simple yet when put into practice will bring the most powerful results – So please enjoy this video and follow these simple changes to maximise your potential. (Watch out for the … Continue reading

‘Tiny Changes mean Huge Results’ – Tony Robbins

‘Tiny Changes mean Huge Results’ – Tony Robbins The other day I came across this very passionate and powerful short talk by Tony Robbins – It’s amazing and just so true, I recommend that everyone who wants to achieve great results watch it. This is what I picked up from it: When it seems impossible, … Continue reading

Tony Robbins – Relationship Breakthrough

Tony Robbins – Relationship Breakthrough Tony Robbins is one of my favourite people – He is an advisor to many world leaders and has been honoured for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours. This is a great video of Tony’s that really makes you want to get up and start improviing your life.  Some key … Continue reading

Tony Robbins – Unlock what’s stopping you

Tony Robbins is probably one of the most inspiring speakers of our time, he has helped so many people to regain and refocus their life.  Not only is he brilliant in his professional life but he also runs a charitable foundation.  Below is a great video of Tony’s, I hope you enjoy it. (Visit Tony’s … Continue reading