How one of the most important books in the world came to be written

I got this article from my friend Paulo Coelho’s blog. Books like these do t come along too often… In the twenty-third year of the reign of Zhao, Lao Tzu realized that the war would ultimately destroy the place where he lived. Since he had spent years meditating on the essence of life, he knew … Continue reading

George & Amal Clooney Face Reading Analysis (basic)

Despite whether the current rumours are true about the cracks in George and Amal Clooney’s marriage, those who’ve attended my face reading classes would already know that these two were headed for a challenging marriage. The reason for this? Firstly just purely looking at the elements of their faces. Amal is predominantly a wood shape … Continue reading

welcoming the 9 fate

Feng Shui is a study of both time and space. The aspect of time is calculated using flying stars which divides the years into fate periods. There are many styles of flying star but some of the most widely used ones are Sam Yuen and Yuen Hom. The Sam Yuen is a simplistic style in … Continue reading

An excerpt from my book

An excerpt from my book…… “……..She needs to live her life and you need to live yours. Your roads connected for a while but now they have changed course. Let her continue on her path and you must continue on yours. Allow yourself to develop inner feelings of self worth. Once these feelings have become … Continue reading

Kanye West – face reading

  As a professional face reader I often get asked to read the faces of celebrities and recently many have asked me to comment on Kanye West’s face. You don’t need to be a face reader to knowthat he speaks or tweets before he thinks or that he is self absorbed or that he has … Continue reading

Feng shui for selling your property

Often properties are stuck on the market for a lengthy time. There may seem no obvious reasons for this, however, following a consultation, I clear your property of any negative energies which may be impeding its sale or rental and select an auspicious date to re-advertise it on the market. The above property was stuck … Continue reading

What are feng shui poison arrows?

Feng Shui One of the most common questions I get asked regarding feng shui form is: what are poison arrows/sha chi? Poison arrows are sharp angles and straight lines that point towards you and depending on its angle it can affect certain aspects of your life and particular organs in your body and also specific … Continue reading

Stone Soup – Aesop

    I love this story by Aesop and I hope you enjoy it too! “The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.” Many years ago three soldiers, hungry and weary of battle, came upon a small village. The villagers, suffering a meager harvest and the many years of war, … Continue reading

Indian Tea

Traditional Indian Tea   Today as I sat this morning, trying to fight of an inconvenient cold, wrapped in my snugly fleece robe drinking my tea, I started thinking about my dad.  I am not ready to talk or write about Dad yet, as losing him is recent and it still feels raw and painful … Continue reading

Year of the Dragon 2012

In Chinese astrology each year certain orientations and also people born in particular years are affected by the governing animal of the year.  2012 is the year of the dragon. In Buddhism, legend has it that Buddha summoned all of the animals of the earth to come before him , but only twelve animals actually … Continue reading