The Mouth

(Image via Pinterest) An excellent article I found about the mouth and its indications in traditional Chinese medicine on – Please Enjoy & Learn ✨ According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lips are related to the spleen, are the “hole” from Spleen. The teeth are considered “an extension of the bones” and … Continue reading

Face Reading for Relationship suitablility

Ever since I have been studying and working as a face reader the most popular question I have always been asked by friends and clients is: how suitable is my partner for me? Or will this potential boyfriend or girlfriend be a good match for me? The onslaught of online dating has inundated me with … Continue reading

A Face Reading Episode

A Face Reading Episode Today, I was speaking to one of my closest friends Teri who lives in Marbella Spain and she reminded me of an interesting experience we had. Recently, when I went to visit her she had arranged for us to eat out at a beautiful Japanese Restaurant. While we were sitting and … Continue reading

Face Reading with Priya Sher

‘Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.‘ Face reading is a means of determining the health, character, relationships and luck of an individual. Every part of the face reflects a different age, aspect and organ of our body. Face reading can be used as … Continue reading