The Front Door

The Front Door of your Home


The front door is often called the mouth of chi – this is where the property breathes and receives energy.  Thus when making a feng shui assessment the front door is a very important consideration.

Below I have listed some tips for you to optimise the energy at your front door.


  • The front door represents opportunities, thus ensure it opens smoothly.  Ensure nothing blocks your front door, such as shoes or a coat rack.


  • Ensure your door is not chipped or dirty.


  • Keep the path to your front door clear of any overgrown plants and trees.


  • Place two healthy plants either side of your front door to attract chi.


  • Place two lights either side of your front door to welcome the energy.


  • Don’t place a bin just outside or inside your front door.


  • Ensure your house number is displayed clearly.


  • Ensure the hinges are smooth and the handles are in good condition.


  • Ensure your front door is in proportion to your home.


2 Responses to “The Front Door”
  1. Angela says:

    Enjoyed reading you wonderful messages – looking forward to get more of them and waiting for the book you should write !!!

    with love

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